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Affordable Website Design Packages

expect the highest quality at the lowest price

Cheap web design services don't mean creating bad quality websites. I am a freelance web designer and my overheads are low so I can offer great value money.It is not just about the money you would save, you also would save time and effort while working with a freelance web designer


I have listened to your feedbacks and used my knowledge to put together a list of answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q:Hoe does it work?

A: After you purchase the service I will email you to ask information you want on your website. Then I will create a sample homepage and send you a link to have a look at it and tell me what you think. Once you agree and are completely satisfied with the final look of your website I will publish the website to the web.

A:It depends on the individual project, for a basic website it would be up to 10 working days and for a comprehensive website would be up to 15 working days to be up and running. In each project, I will keep you informed.

A: I offer free domain name get registered in most of the packages.

A: Web hosting is the process of renting some webspace in order to publish your website online.

A: I will offer one-year free web host on each website, it would be a shared web host on a dedicated server.

A: No, you can transfer your website to any other hosting company free of charge whenever you like

A: It is OK if you have already domain name and web host with other providers, I will set the website on your own web host.

A: There is not any ongoing or monthly payment, you would pay once to get the website up and running. For any extra support, I will charge you a small amount of money it would be based on hourly rate usually between £20 to £50.

A: Yes, it would be totally yours and I will hand over CMS login information to you, the only thing I will ask is to put a screenshot and name of the website in my portfolio.

A: Yes, I will give you administrator access to the website, so you will be able to access to the back end of the website and edit pages and images.

A: I need some basic information like the subject of the website, title of pages, words, images,… and I will ask you if you have any preference for choosing a layout ( for example show me a similar website if you know one)